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ROAD TO PECE: ECE License renewal 2020 – 20CPD pts

To be honest, as per IECEP, a minimum of 15CPDs are required to renew your ECE license if the expiration covers the date until December 2020. YES - facts!  You probably somewhat read / heard that license renewal won't be... Continue Reading →

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A Break-up Letter: Single-use Plastics

I am breaking up with Single-Use plastics A year ago, I became more conscious of the plastics I’m using. While plastics have been a great breakthrough ever since, we, as people of our beloved planet earth, became dependent on it... Continue Reading →

A Tough Cookie: 10 Years in the baking

The month of July 2018 has always been special to me because this marks the 10 year future I envisioned way back 2008. So what really happened back on July 2008? July 2008 had been our first term of our... Continue Reading →




Food Processor : A must have on your Kitchen!

  So, what is a Food Processor? A food processor is simply a kitchen appliance that processes food! Kidding aside, click here for wiki's definition. Everyday, I came across many kitchen appliances but this one makes the difference in preparing... Continue Reading →

E.C.E. License Renewal – Process & Personal Experiences

What is it about license renewal? Why do we need it? Do we really need it?After we graduate and passed the Board Exam, next is the first 3-years of our newbie "Engineer" experiences. This 3-years might be our make-it-or-break-it decision... Continue Reading →

PhotoG: Happy Christening Baby Rocco!

Sunday, February 19,2017. God has given us a drizzling and Blessed day  - Christening Celebration of Baby Rocco! The day started by attending a seminar for the baby's Ninongs and Ninangs by the catechist. The catechist reminded everyone, including me,... Continue Reading →

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