I am breaking up with Single-Use plastics

A year ago, I became more conscious of the plastics I’m using. While plastics have been a great breakthrough ever since, we, as people of our beloved planet earth, became dependent on it more than we could admit. Who wouldn’t use plastics if it can offer portability, convenience, durability, and fits whichever purposes you can think of? But what if, JUST WHAT IF, we stopped being self-centered for a while and we changed our perspective for once? Look at what the unrecycled / untreated plastics make our beloved planet earth in return of our selfish convenience? We maybe living the best of our lives today and enjoying the youthful of our nature but what about the next generation? – I’m literally serious here.


Honestly, my real goal is – to avoid plastics as my first option. But not to be hypocritical, Yes I’m still using plastics, as it is a readily available resources around, but if I’m ever gonna use plastics, it should be:

  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Not brand-new


As 2018 went, it made me feel better as I knew to myself that I’m making a difference. But my self-plastic-rebellion-high easily wear off in first half of the year, and as the second half approached, reality hits me harder than my father’s belt! There is a much needed effort from me (or anyone) to entice other people to do the plastic-rebellion alongside. Man, its fvcking hard! And I realized that for a person to start doing this plastic-rebellion, she/he:

  • must have a great empathy on earth
  • has ambition for next generation(s) to enjoy the earth
  • has their own aspiration on this kind of movement
  • or the classic: you lead by example

How about we cover all of the above? Okay, so remember the time when Metro Manila got hit by Tropical Storm Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana) on 2009? I think we all knew that plastic waste played a major role on the flooding and we’re lucky enough that many ASEAN and Non-ASEAN countries are generous enough in offering to help us. But what if I tell you that we can help ourselves, our own country? Yes we can help our mother earth with lifting just one finger – an inked pointy finger. By choosing the right candidates or partylist with the right drive (aligned to yours) will make a big difference.

I’m telling you, if a candidate or partylist has these kind of programs on their mission, I will surely vote for them. Sure it’ll be a big and long drive, since we became dependent on plastics, but when will we start if not now?


Blogger’s Notes:

  • There are so many movements you can join that points towards taking care of our mother earth, and this blog post is just about my personal plastic-consumption
  • I’m always drawn-in a company who shows this kind of environmental approach on their Corporate Social Responsibility
  • This post does not in any form force you to vote anyone. Just be mindful on your candidates’ campaign
  • Let us start ending plastic pollution one step at a time
  • You can always help during the time of crises but making the right choice from the start has more impact and even powerful
  • Prevention is better than cure = Treat the root cause not just the symptoms
  • Original Photo: f4zhnbo


I hope we can see it holistically. We treat our earth right then the earth will take care of our needs.  -Rosnof