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The MSC: Marikina Sports Center Reviews

Lot of my blog posts here were (and going to be) the Marikina Sport Center’s Schedule of Activities. Why? It’s a public service, just deal with it! Just kidding, I just do it to avoid bumming the inner “active” side... Continue Reading →

Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

I'm gonna write this coz I'm too exhausted with the people's reaction seeing what I eat. As of today, Wednesday - April 6, 2016, marked the first week of my lowcarb-intake program. Why? I have to loose weight in order for... Continue Reading →

One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle. -Michael Palin  

Missing biking at the road. I've been summarizing all my mile(ages) of my cannondale mountain bike and as of today, my distance will typically range to let's say 40km's per week with a total of approximately 80kms (40x2) for the second week... Continue Reading →

Greetings : International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day! Thumbs up to all the strong girls!  

MSC: WEEK 2 of March

Schedule Noted. 📝 FYI. Marikina Sports Center schedule of activites for the 2nd week of March Posted from WordPress for Android

MSC: WEEK 4 of February [V.2]

Schedule Noted. 📝 FYI. Marikina Sports Center schedule of activites for the 2nd and 3rd week of February Posted from WordPress for Android

Egg Post!

Just made this post to scream that I'm craving for eggs! Well, I super love eggs! I don't know why, they just satisfy my angry stomach. At breakfast buffets, I just go straight to their eggs' station. I want to eat... Continue Reading →

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