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Entries all about my quick and long rants.

MAYDAY MAYDAY: A Biker’s Post-Traumatic Feels

It was a typical lazy afternoon that day, Nov.1,2016 and I'm pretty gearing up for tomorrow's office day. Until later that afternoon around 5pm that me and my friend decided to eat Isaw at Isaw Haus - Cainta. I brought my... Continue Reading →

Eats & Feels: Wednesday Hanash!!

I'm gonna write this coz I'm too exhausted with the people's reaction seeing what I eat. As of today, Wednesday - April 6, 2016, marked the first week of my lowcarb-intake program. Why? I have to loose weight in order for... Continue Reading →

Monday Hanash! Grown Up responsibilitites.

As I write my "feels" on a daily basis, this day, April 4,2016 (Monday) marked my unfortunate(est) Monday so far. That hashtag Manic Monday does not apply to me. Yes, I just treated my Mondays like any other day. But this... Continue Reading →


Philippines’ 2016 Election is just around the corner, just three (3) months away as of today. Campaign period started and advertisements are everywhere. Lot of us see or hear the “This is a paid advertisement” on Television or radio advertisement,... Continue Reading →

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